LADO B (Embroidery On Photography)


Mixed technique, embroidery on photographic paper. 29,6x42cm. This artwork includes Certificate of Authenticity.

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“In my skin, I incorporate the B side of reality. Through the dots that form on the paper, I place myself on the side of the oppressed, the exploited, the marginalized. The prominent white scars on my skin give voice to the screams never heard, to eyes that have closed, to wounds perpetuated by generations, open, deep. These scars have a name, have a voice, have a face, body and limbs, have a soul, have personality. May these seams remain, and assert themselves as a call to equality, to peace among human beings”. (Sara Seabra)
*The person represented in the photograph is the artist herself in 2018. When this photograph was created, the artist painted her face with pastel.
Sara Seabra began her artistic career as a self-taught artist, in which her training in International Relations at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Coimbra proved to be fundamental in the discovery of various artistic languages ​​with expression on the identity and vision of the world. Also graduated in Classical Ballet by Imperial Classical Ballet, she brings rigor to her plastic qualities. She received two honorable mentions, the first referring to the José Estêvão Literary Prize (2014) and the second in the field of painting in the Aveiro Jovem Criador Contest (2019 edition). In recent years, she has dedicated herself more closely to the fine arts, being recognized for painting, photography embroidery and mixed techniques.