Acrylic on canvas. 90x120cm. This artwork includes Certificate of Authenticity.

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“Puzzle” is an artwork by the portuguese neo-expressionist artist Sara Seabra. This artwork symbolizes the construction of individuality and character from life experiences that are like pieces of a puzzle that all together form who we are. Sara’s work is recognized for the mixed techniques and her painting confronts us with a return to emotions expressed with vibration and brutality in a primitivist tendency with a propensity for formal simplification between abstraction and figuration.


“We are like a puzzle. First, the fruit of love, we take shape, until the moment we blossom and someone holds us in their arms. From a small embryo to a small baby, we were putting together our first pieces of the puzzle. As we grow, we get in touch with the world and its inhabitants, we collect more pieces, more experiences, moments, learning. Piece by piece, we are building our inner being, our personality. Along the way, we went through periods of pain, of sadness. Until the time comes to reinvent ourselves, where some pieces no longer fit in our puzzle. We give them a different meaning to others, we get a different perspective on the story that this piece tells. And so, we decided to put them in the drawer of the pieces that rest in peace. Until the end of our days, our puzzle will be in constant metamorphosis, in a permanent search for meaning and tranquility. ” (Sara Seabra)
Sara Seabra began her artistic career as a self-taught artist, in which her training in International Relations at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Coimbra proved to be fundamental in the discovery of various artistic languages ​​with expression on the identity and vision of the world. Also graduated in Classical Ballet by Imperial Classical Ballet, she brings rigor to her plastic qualities. She received two honorable mentions, the first referring to the José Estêvão Literary Prize (2014) and the second in the field of painting in the Aveiro Jovem Criador Contest (2019 edition). In recent years, she has dedicated herself more closely to the fine arts, being recognized for painting, photography embroidery and mixed techniques.