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The 360º virtual exhibition experience is a exclusive resource that Galerias São Rafael makes available for registered customers. Our virtual exhibitions are a destination of high production value rich in artistic content that make use of augmented reality, in which the experience of enjoying real works of art is increased through a virtual environment. It is an immersive artistic experience that allows the user to have the social and artistic experience of the exhibition anywhere in the world and at any time. Get ready, you are about to visit our virtual exhibitions. Take your place at the forefront of Art evolution and join us in the 360º panoramic view rooms experience. Let’s innovate together!

You can watch our virtual exhibitions through your computer, smartphone or tablet. To find out more information about the works and artists present in the exhibitions, use your QR Code reader.

MIDSUMMER NIGHT’SSummer exhibition

Midsummer Night’s Virtual Exhibition celebrates the summer solstice in a visual concept inspired by Shakespeare, inviting you to venture into the universe of the enchanted forest and discover the artworks in an open-air exhibition or even walking through a maze, in a sunset imersive environment. 80 artworks by national and international artists: Rodolfo M. Costa, José A. Faraco, Carlos Teixeira, Luís Liberato, Fabián Caro Román, Gulnar Sacoor, Abílio Marcos, António Azenha, Lilly Helja Jonasson, Vimoc, Leonor Trindade Sousa, Marco Gomes, João Freire, Sara Seabra, Jaime R Ferreira, Sílvia Raposo and Amélia Monteiro.


We mark the International Press Freedom Day with the launch of the “Information” series, by the young artist Rodolfo M. Costa. This series was created after the artist moved to Berlin, where he captured the Kunstmeile spirit of the Berlin Wall (“the art mile”). The creation of a series of 18 frames sealed in resin captures fragments of a vandalized fantasy dimension and drags them into our reality, exploring themes such as graffiti, information, advertising, multiculturalism and consumerism.

GALA – Opening exhibition

GALA – Inauguration and Virtual Exhibition is the first exhibition in a virtual and immersive register of Galerias São Rafael, whose name pays homage to the famous Gala, Salvador Dalí’s muse. This exhibition showcases around 90 exclusive artworks by contemporary artists: Gulnar Sacoor, João Freire, Carlos Teixeira, Fabián Caro Román, José A. Faraco Macias, Jaime R Ferreira, Luís Liberato, Leonor Trindade Sousa, António Azenha, Amélia Monteiro and Sara Seabra.