Box art object. Mixed media . 75 x 97 x 6 cm. This artwork includes Certificate of Authenticity.

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The artwork “Paisaje 1” by the mexican artist Gabriela González Leal, results from of an exploration of play and childhood (the latter motivated to the birth of her daughter). This arwork metaphorically reflects what happens in the courtyard (the environment) of Gabriela’s house (her country) from different supports where she explore matter, play and bodily actions. A contrast between past and future, games and childhood are some of the themes that the artist approaches from the playful field as a creative tool.

“I work from a main axis that consists first of questioning my past, my roots, my own environment and life experiences which inclines me to review history in contrast to current society. From this game of realities I am building the conceptual and material body of my artistic work. My current body of work explores different media and materials such as soccer balls, coins, bullets, clothing, Japanese paper, demonetized banknotes, etc. (…) I use objects-actions that have the same symbolic meaning as the Game, Value and Power. A project that mainly addresses childhood issues, yet also re-signifies symbols of identity transfigured in historical, social and mythological allusions”.” (Gabriela González Leal)

Gabriela González Leal is a mexican artist, born in 1981. She graduated from the prestigious National School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving “La Esmeralda”. Currently she’s part of international projects Banknote Art Concept in Australia and Money For Nothing in France. She was nominated for the 12th Internationale Senefelder Lithography Award 2020 in Germany and the III Engraving Contest “Alfara” 2018 in Spain. Received honorable mention by the IX International Exhibition Miniature Art “MajdanArt”, Serbia 2018, among others. González Leal traveled to CABA Argentina for an artistic residency where she developed his current project: “Dioses”. Her work has been exhibited both in Mexico and in Serbia, Argentina, Germany, USA, Uruguay, Spain, Cuba and England. And it is part of collections prominent such as the Bank of Mexico; Zuckerman Museum in Florida and El Peñol Historical Museum in Colombia.