Founded by the twin sisters and businesswomen Mónica Kahlo and Sílvia Raposo, the São Rafael Galleries / Galerias São Rafael are the first portuguese luxury gallery developed from an immersive, eclectic and philanthropic intermedia and inter-art digital concept. We represent a selection of established and emerging artists, awarded nationally and internationally.

We promote an intermedia and inter-arts dialogue by uniting the exhibition, performance, reception and commercialization of artworks in a single platform. We work to be at the vanguard of commercialization with a close concern for the future, since we firmly believe that each acquisition must be a marriage between the aesthetic appreciation of contemporary art and the financial satisfaction of a responsible investment. 10% of our profits revert to philanthropy. More than a company dedicated to culture, São Rafael Galleries are an important player in the spheres of art and creativity in its relationship with the future of human development, which is why we are the main patrons of Art Angels project.


The galleries were originally designed to bring technological sophistication to the Portuguese art market, expanding to the international market by undertaking an immersive experience and virtual reality, combined with a philanthropic awareness.

Created during the paralysis of the cultural sector in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic and adapting to the normalization and expansion of digital markets, the São Rafael Galleries raise the standard of the exhibition experience by creating immersive experiences in virtual reality and augmented reality from exclusive artworks by national and international artists. The contemporary art gallery market now gains a new glow with the insertion of hyperrealism in the very conception of virtual exhibition environments and virtual commercialising acquires a performative dimension with the increase in the visual quality of the details and three-dimensionality of the artworks.

The twins have as their main objective to rehabilitate the creative industries by promoting greater efficiency in the use of technological resources, encouraging innovation in the cultural sector and revolutionizing the process of exhibiting artworks. The São Rafael Galleries combine the interactivity and immersiveness of museological experiences with the way art is commercialized, providing users with the experience of the “all-embracing art form”, in which the user can opt for guided tours in video format, 360º panoramic exhibition rooms where he/she can interact and circulate independently, or even virtual reality. Minimizing the risks and costs of the expedition and exhibition process, together with a concern with the protection of cultural and artistic heritage, the insertion of the virtual reality experience also allows safeguarding the integrity of the original works of art.

The objective, refer the twin businesswomen, is “through the immersive virtual experience, to contribute to a dynamization of the individual’s emotional and intellectual fields, as well as to look at the culture and its artistic dimension in an evolutionary perspective”.


Cópia de Galerias São Rafael – pitch deck de Sílvia Raposo